Emirates Youth Professional School

Professional Program In The Essentials Of Strategy Consulting

The Program

This program will equip you with the “must have” knowledge and skills needed in a successful consultant. Through a series of curated sessions, this program will help young budding professionals learn how to effectively handle client engagements, starting from cracking real-world business cases, problem-solving in teams, building and delivering effective presentations, and providing constructive feedback

Business Case Modeling
This session will introduce you to the most important Excel functionalities that are necessary when doing business analysis and models. You will learn to build a business model and implement it on Excel
Feedback Skill Drill
In this session, you will strengthen your skills to give constructive feedback in a way that maintains the integrity of a relationship. You will also improve your skills to receive feedback. Finally, you will learn to define action plan to improve how you give and receive feedback
Hypothesis Based Problem Solving and Deck Writing
In this session, you will learn to break problems down into manageable tasks that can be divided among team members. You will learn about best practices for gathering and analyzing data to save time and increase performance. Moreover, you will learn to organize complex information so colleagues and clients can follow your logic. You will learn to write persuasive communications that achieve the desired results, as well as tell a powerful and convincing story in a PowerPoint deck
Interviewing and Data Collection
In this session, you will learn to collect and select data efficiently. You will also learn to use client interviewing as a way to gather opinions, verify observations and test existing commitments and openness to change. Finally, you will learn to prepare for interviews with a thorough but flexible structure and record the data rigorously, as well as to refine your personal interviewing style for maximum impact
Managing Consulting Engagements
In this session, you will learn about different styles to manage engagements and their associated strengths and weaknesses. You will also learn to form, integrate and drive the performance of a consulting team to ensure engagements are completed within scope, on time, and within budget. You will learn to manage sponsors and exceed client expectations and, finally, how to manage difficult client conversations

Admission Requirements

1) Strong command of English
2) Basic knowledge in Excel and PowerPoint
3) Graduated with a GPA greater than 3.2
4) 1-2 years of experience is a plus

Degree Required : Bachelor's Degree
Job Experience Required : None