Emirates Youth Professional School

Corporate Sustainability In The Food And Beverage (F&B) Sector

The Program

October 18-20: This program will deep-dive on core sustainability issues for PepsiCo, their business implications, and solution development and implementation, touching upon how to:

  1. Change the way the world interacts with packaging;

  2. Drive water security to assure business continuity while positively contributing to communities;

  3. Support practices and technologies that promote improved farmer livelihoods and sustainable farming methods.

Day 1 - Sunday October 18
Topics to be covered: 1) Introduction to the 3-days and the session; 2) PepsiCo’s ‘Winning with Purpose’; 3) PepsiCo’s Sustainable Food System Approach
Day 2 - Monday October 19
Topics to be covered: 1) Water stewardship; 2) Sustainable packaging; 3) Sustainable farming
Day 3 - Tuesday October 20
Topics to be covered: 1) Consumer awareness campaigns; 2) Panel: Sustainability as integral part of doing business

Admission Requirements

  1. Good communication skills

  2. Solid grasp of the English language

  3. Degree required: Bachelor's degree

  4. Field: agriculture, environmental, sustainability-related, communication, public policy, etc.

  5. No job experience required

  6. Completing the 3 sessions is required

Degree Required : Bachelor's Degree
Job Experience Required : None