Emirates Youth Professional School

Building A Professional Brand On LinkedIn In A Changing Job Market

The Program

Sunday September 20. Today’s jobs did not exist 10 years ago. The jobs and skills of the future are turning into a reality for millions of students, employees and even businesses around the world. Having a presence on the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn, is an important act that shows that you are an active participant in the job market landscape and demonstrates your interest in being connected, active and visible.

To this end, this workshop highlights the changing landscape of skills and jobs, and how LinkedIn can help its members build those skills, have a professional digital presence, stay informed and connect with future employers. It will showcase the best practices in leveraging what LinkedIn has to offer, and the power of building a personal professional brand on LinkedIn.

Admission Requirements

  • Personal profile photo

  • Updated cv

  • Personal elevator pitch

  • Personal interests and passion

Degree Required : High School Diploma
Job Experience Required : None