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Email Etiquette

May 6. Emails are an important part of our professional communications and their purpose becomes even more critical as organizations encourage remote working. 

This course is taught in English

15/15 booked


Becoming Data-Driven

Sunday December 13: Used the right way, data and augmented intelligence can create competitive advantage, re-engineer processes and enhance risk controls.


Technology-savvy organizations, as well as “digital non-natives,” can benefit from analytics and augmented intelligence across all disciplines by using an infusion strategy, which means embedding analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) into the core of their businesses. This helps organizations in all aspects of their businesses, from making strategy and investment decisions, to creating an end-to-end digital audit, generating new revenue opportunities, managing risk, measuring financial and non-financial performance, increasing customer satisfaction, and improving their experiences and much more.


This program will give you high level insights into how combining data-led and technology-enabled approaches help organizations thrive in the digital age. Additionally, it will help you understand how you as individuals can deal with big data and benefit from it. 

This course is taught in English

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The Power Of Brand Storytelling

April 29. For ideas to create real impact, we need to share great stories through creative content. The increase in the number of platforms and formats has expanded our scope for storytelling, however, the story will always remain the true hero. In this 60-minute introduction to storytelling, you can expect to discover why great storytelling is essential to a brand's purpose. 

This course is taught in English

12/12 booked