Emirates Youth Professional School


The main goal is to prepare the youth to compete in the market and become professionals in various fields.
EYPS offers professional programs offered from experts to the Youth.

The opportunities found in the market requires talents, and skills, while some also require technical practices and years of experience.
Each professional program in EYPS will help to develop the youth’s specialized skills and personal traits like leadership, communication and management. 
Available to all the Youth in UAE aged 18-30, whether it is a student, employee, or entrepreneur.
All programs are available to all Emirati Youth, and some seats will be reserved to the Arab Youth.
All programs in EYPS are free of charge.
Registration can be done through the website. All programs and details will be there.
After completing each program, you get a professional certificate that is not equivalent to an academic degree but complementary to the interest of institutions to increase competitiveness.
The duration of each professional program differs from one another, some are for days and some are for weeks. Timings vary in the morning and others in the evening and some on Fridays and Saturdays