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EYPS is one of the initiatives of the Federal Youth Authority. It provides full-length Professional courses and Executive Education programs in various sectors through crowdsourcing instructors, teachers, experts and professionals in the UAE in an uber-like model. EYPS will provide an avenue to help upskill Youth in the UAE to increase their chances of career development and career progression and prepare them for the labor market by providing continuous education and access to marketable skills.

It is not a traditional school - EYPS offers a sustainable learning environment based on a mix of practical and theoretical learning in partnership with various institutions, experts, and professionals around the world. By giving youth the opportunity to acquire valuable skills in key areas that are linked to their expertise of choice, the Emirates Youth Professional School aims to close the UAE’s professional skills gap, helping to nurture a new breed of professionals: those that can continue to thrive in an ever-evolving knowledge economy.

EYPS is based on a sustainable and organic crowdsourcing model.

This model has had an impact on various service sectors; in fact, “crowdsourcing” term is fairly new with the term only being coined within the last decade. Interestingly, all over the world Youth have comfortably taken on this model as part of their daily lives. Among the most successful crowdsourcing companies are Uber and Airbnb. Uber, the world's largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Facebook, the most popular media owner, creates no content. Alibaba, the most valuable retailer, has no inventory. Airbnb, the largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate. These companies have had wild success because they ballooned the supply and reach to users beyond their employees to meet the demand they receive on the platform and to ensure customer’s needs are met and exceeded. How can we ensure our Youth attain the skills needed in the Labor Market?

EYPS follows the crowdsourcing model, as it does not employ one teacher and does not have one curriculum, but it aims to be the UAE’s largest school with its number of programs, courses and partners. The School allows each employee, institution, specialist and expert to provide professional courses for UAE Youth. Course offerings are based on the supply of knowledge offered by institutions and individuals, their participation, and their shared responsibility in building the capacities of young people in the UAE.



Age 15-35

The school serves youth in the UAE, aged 15-35
The school serves all youth in the UAE.

The school empowers institutions, experts and specialists to give back to the UAE through skills-based volunteering whereby it leverages their specialized skills to build youth capacities, enabling these entities to attract and discover the best talent, and providing an opportunity for direct interaction with Youth.

EYPS Programs

EYPS will open its doors and facilities, and its programs for all youth and all participating institutions in November 2019


  • All UAE youth (15-35) can register for any of the programs, professional courses, and workshops available throughout the year.
  • Seats are limited, and priority is given on a first come-first served basis.
  • Youth should review the details of available programs, such as language, level, and commitment required by young people.
  • Youth must complete all program requirements, courses, or workshops to obtain a professional certificate.
  • Participants must meet deadlines for starting programs, courses and workshops.

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Join the Professional

EYPS will open its doors and facilities, and its programs for all youth and all participating institutions in November 2019

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  • Various institutions in the public and private sectors can offer professional programs, training courses and free executive studies for young people.
  • Experts and specialists can provide programs based on their areas of expertise after submitting documents confirming their expertise in the workshop.
  • Programs, courses and workshops provided should be related to the area of competence of institutions and individuals.
  • Offerings provided are on a no-cost basis.

The Federal Youth Authority oversees the management, development and implementation of this initiative

You can contact the team at the FYA about any suggestions or complaints

04 215 7626,